Hair Services

Regular Crochet

Standard braid back crochets.

Pixie Cut Crochets 

No hair left out..pixie cut natural look with a bang 

Individual Faux Crochets

Individual around the front and regular crochets in the back. This look gives the illusion that the entire head is individual all over 

Knotless Braids 

Tension free...knot free braids 
Large Knotless
Medium Knotless 
SmMedium Knotless 
Small Knotless

Passion Twist

Juicy Twist,,,can be done with different hair to give different looks...please consult before booking 
medium twist
small twist

Soft Locs/Mermaid Locs

twist ONLY come medium sized. I do not offer them small. 
mid back
butt length
close up front